The Suburb of Oak Flats

Oak Flats is bounded by Lake Illawarra in the north; the parkland in the east; Lake Entrance Road and New Lake Entrance Road in the south; and the railway line and the Horsley Creek in the west.

Oak Flats is a friendly neighbourhood area, surrounded by Lake Illawarra and the Princes Highway.

Industrial Road is a busy street filled with many local businesses and workshops, however, the residential areas are more peaceful, and back on to the beautiful Lake Illawarra.

Each year, there are Dragon Boat Races on Lake Illawarra at Skiway Park, popular among local businesses, schools, the community and organisations.

The local dog park at Oak Flats sports a range of open space and agility equipment.

Oak Flats’ 50m Olympic sized pool has recently been upgraded to a heated pool for the enjoyment of guests and residents alike.


Population of Oak Flats 6,840

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Households of Oak Flats


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Crime and Safety of Oak Flats

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Diversity and inclusion of Oak Flats

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