Boat ramp project complete

Reddall Reserve completed boat ramp

Reddall Reserve boat ramp

About the project

Work will commence to upgrade the existing boat ramp at Reddall Reserve, opposite Ocean Street (see above image).

Why is the boat ramp being renewed?

Many users of the existing boat ramp have advised that the there is a significant drop off at the base of the ramp as it enters Lake Illawarra.

To upgrade the boat ramp to RMS and Australian Standards, works will be done to achieve a 1:7 grade.

What stage is the project up to?

The construction of the new boat ramp is now complete.

What will the project involve?

The works will involve:

  • Dewatering the area with a cofferdam so concrete works can take place safely
  • Installing graded rocks underneath the ramp for support
  • Installing 10 precast concrete panels on the lower section of the ramp
  • Pouring 2 cast-in situ slabs (approximately 220mm thick) on the upper section of the ramp
  • Installing armour stone (big rocks approximately 200-300mm in diameter) protection as the batter on either side of the concrete ramp

When will work commence?

This project started, March 2021. The program of work is 10 weeks, this may vary if impacted by weather or tidal conditions.

Will the boat ramp be open to users during construction?

No, the boat ramp will be completely fenced off during the construction period. However, we will be working to a program to minimise disruptions. There are a number of other boat ramps in Lake Illawarra that can be used (eg. Ski Way Park, Oak Flats).

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