Public spaces are the heart of our communities. They connect us, inspire us & make us healthier & happier.💙🙌

Thanks to the NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program, we have been able to upgrade & complete construction on the stunning new Reddall Reserve Promenade just in time for spring! 🌸

Some fencing will remain as we wait for our grass to sprout!

Reddall Reserve Promenade


What will the new promenade look like?

Great public spaces don't just happen. To make a place great requires sound planning and significant investment.

We are excited to announce that Shellharbour City Council has received grant funding for the Reddall Reserve Promenade Renewal as part of the Public Spaces Legacy Program.

The NSW Government will assist Council with project costs by providing a $3 million grant for the upgrades.

To access the funding, Shellharbour City Council demonstrated accelerated development assessment processes. This assists to keep the broader economy moving and bolster the construction industry.

Last year we asked for feedback on the initial concept designs for the promenade. Since then, we have been working with dsb Landscape Architects to implement some of the suggested changes. Take a look at the latest concept designs.

Reddall Reserve promenade
Arial image - Reddall Promenade

The Reddall Reserve Masterplan identified the promenade for renewal. The replacement will provide new and improved foreshore seating, increased pedestrian accessibility, safeguard against shoreline erosion, reduced maintenance and provide greater connection to the wider Reserve.

Construction Updates

🚧 Milestone Construction Update – Reddall Reserve Promenade renewal 🚧

📣 Stage 1 is complete – Share path and beach access in this area is now open! 🙌🌊

Works in Stage 2 (fenced northern half of project) are progressing well.

The beach ramp at the northern end has been concreted and most of the beachside concrete seating has been installed.

We are still on track to deliver the new promenade in early Spring 🌸

Stage 1 completion
Rendered Image: Rendered promenade of bench seating Current progress: Current progress of bench seating

Existing Promenade

Existing Promenade