Tullimbar Oval, will be a district park located in the Tullimbar Precinct to provide key open space resources and opportunities for the emerging Tullimbar community.

We worked with GroupGSA, to prepare the Tullimbar Oval Open Space Master Plan which was adopted by council after public exhibition in July 2023.

This plan takes into account the needs of the area, natural features of the oval, and feedback from the community. In October and November 2022, we asked the community about what they wanted to see at Tullimbar Oval.

The Master Plan Concept

Creating the Master Plan

To speak with the local community about what the Tullimbar Oval Open Space Master Plan should include we:

  • Sent a notification letter to every resident in the suburb of Tullimbar.
  • Asked for feedback through the Let's Chat page and received 96 contributions.
  • Visited Tullimbar Primary and engaged more than 40 young people from years 3-6.
  • Hosted a community pop-up on 28 October and spoke with more than 20 local community residents.
  • Posted on social media 2 times and reached 15, 917 people.

The most voted for elements were:


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Master plan development

    Group GSA are working with us to develop Master Plan for Tullimbar Oval. Your feedback is important to ensure that the plan responds to the needs of the community now and into the future.

    When developed the plans will be reported to Council for adoption.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Community feedback

    The purpose of this community consultation is to gather information, thoughts and ideas on the proposed Master Plans for the oval.

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Council decision and public exhibition

    When complete the Draft Masterplans will be reported to Council for consideration, followed by a public exhibition period. During the public exhibition period, stakeholders can make a submission.


Council and our consultants, GroupGSA, have prepared a master plan for the future of Tullimbar Oval, Tullimbar.

The master plan sets out the vision for the oval for the next 5 years and makes recommendations for development, and use. The master plan aims to balance the needs of different members of the community and enhance the opportunity of the site by:

  • Identifying improvements;
  • Enabling planning for future works;
  • Ensuring the site is suitable and relevant to the needs of the current and future community;
  • Protecting the areas and qualities of the site that are valued;
  • Enhancing biodiversity and habitat;
  • Providing suitable gathering, play and recreation spaces

The exhibition period provides opportunities for stakeholders and community members to share feedback on the draft document. Your feedback can be shared below, or by providing a written submission, in the form of an email or letter to Council. All submissions received during the notification period will be considered.

Feedback may result in changes to the draft document, and a further report to Council may be required before the draft documents are adopted.

After the public exhibition ends 31 August 2023 all feedback submissions will be considered by council staff. Changes may be made to the draft plan and this may create a need for the Draft Plan to be taken back to Council for final endorsement.

Once the Draft Plan is finally adopted by Council it will be implemented in stages over the following years.

The Draft Master Plan includes different forms of shade, including:

  • Natural shade such as trees
  • Shade structure extending from the community hub
  • Shaded picnic tables
  • Opportunities for natural and artificial shade in play space and youth area

To inform the design, a sports field opportunity study was undertaken to determine the appropriateness of only providing a stand-alone sports field. The opportunity study considered findings of Council’s Open Space and Recreation Needs Study, reviewed existing and planned sports fields in the local area, community feedback and site feasibility to accommodate a sporting facility.

The outcomes of the opportunity study identified the site is not suitable to accommodate a single use sports field and associated infrastructure, including car parking; and that Tullimbar Oval should be multiuse to meet the informal active and passive recreation needs of the Tullimbar community.

You can read more about these investigations on page 27 of the Draft Master Plan.

Dogs on-leash, under the control of their owner will be welcome at the site once established. However, a dedicated pet area or park has not been identified within the Draft Master Plan.

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