Local students and Uniting residents were treated to a reading of 'Macca the Alpaca' by Mayor Chris Homer before exploring the new playground, exercise equipment and sensory garden. 🛝🌱

As Collins Reserve is a central hub to the local community, the new multigenerational play space makes good use of the existing trees to ensure plenty of shade and includes lots of informal seating to promote social interaction with friends old and new.

Park designs revealed

About the new play space

This design has been created utlising the feedback gathered from the community during the consultation phase held last year.

We were able to have a bit of fun with this multigenerational play space, as the location is a central hub to residents, local preschool, primary school and aged care residents.

We have made good use of the existing trees (plus will add a few more) so there will be plenty of shade mixed with lots of informal seating to promote social interaction with friends (and new friends).

Some of the key features will include:

  • Fusion Play fort with climbing and balancing activities plus slippery slide
  • Rope whirl
  • Single Bay Swing with Cub and Toddler Seats
  • Spinning whirl
  • Nature play trail, elements include: tee pee, hopping logs, adventure trail tread and log jumps
  • Fitness equipment - pieces still be be confirmed.
  • Softfall
  • Footpath connectivity
  • A mix of informal and formal seating
  • Updated landscaping with shaded elements

Vision for Collins Reserve

Collin Reserve

Collin Reserve

Our vision for Collins Reserve is to create a multigenerational play space! It’s a big idea and we would love to hear your thoughts.

Where is Collins Reserve?

Located on Glider Avenue, Shellharbour City. There are currently two existing playgrounds on the reserve that will be removed as part of this project and replaced with 1 improved play space. The space has parking, connecting footpaths and lots of natural shade.

What is a multigenerational play space?

A multigenerational playground doesn’t just focus on children’s play, but on people of all ages and abilities so that anyone who visits the playground will find something to enjoy.

Who is it for?

Multigenerational play space is for everyone! Collins Reserve is nestled in a residential area that is within walking distance to a Primary School, Preschool and Aged Care Residents.

What are the benefits of multigenerational play?

Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased social connection
  • Appeals to a variety of ages and range of interests
  • Promotes interaction between participants of all ability levels
  • Offers a range of challenges
  • Fosters the development of motor and social skills

What’s included in multigenerational play spaces?

Multigenerational recreational spaces encourage fun among kids and their parents, grandparents and carers. These spaces are designed to include people of all abilities and ages, so that everyone is able to find enjoyment and entertainment at the park.

Over the past few years, Council has been working towards creating play spaces that are best practice play spaces, designed to include everyone in the community. Council uses the guidelines set out in Everyone Can Play to help achieve this.

Exercise Equipment

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